My daughters have both attended STARS sessions and absolutely love them. Mini Ballet is a delightfully endearing class as Jess is so engaging, patient and caring towards the children, adding a sprinkling of banter to keep the parents amused! Our little ballerinas have all grasped the movements Jess has been teaching them and they all receive her undivided attention. She does an amazing job of keeping them focussed whilst still making time for their little chit chat - not an easy task, but Jess nails it!

​"Words cannot describe the emotion I felt today watching my girls perform in the Shepperton Stars Performing Arts Summer concert!
It was amazing, fun, exciting, amusing, vibrant and full of positive energy. I was glued to the performance beginning to end and my body wouldn't stop moving I couldn't help but join in  😝🤗
I had a real proud mummy moment watching my girls take part working hard and reaping the rewards of their pure dedication and perseverance week on week. Today I saw my girls in a different light I saw a side I'd been hoping for for a long time and that was CONFIDENCE And sheer JOY  😊
The only person I can thank for all of the above is our beloved teacher Jessica Edgar! Without your continued effort to drive these kids we would not have seen this amazing show today...So for that I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart."

  1. " Christian really enjoyed the class on Tuesday and has been asking if he can go today! He keeps wanting to practice his dancing as well. "
  2. " My daughter Evie had such a fab time with you at Voice Academy and would love to come to your classes in September. We were away last week so missed out on your trial day but have heard only good things about it! "
  3. " Skye had such a wonderful time yesterday. I would love her to join you in September! "
  4. "She absolutely loved Wednesdays classes and I'm trying to swap my younger daughters pre school days so she can come to your Tuesday class!"
  5. " My girls thoroughly enjoyed their time and can't wait to come back! So, thank you."
  6. "Anjulee was showing me some of the moves she learnt from the class. That was so lovely to see."
  7. "My girls love acting out roles and combined with dancing they reach their happy place. I don't easily let my kids stay alone in groups but there was something about you where I felt my girls were in safe hands."
  8. "I'm just pleased we have found a local dance & drama club that looks and feels full of nurture."
  9. "Ted is having an amazing time!! He has declared that Thursday is now his favourite day. Thanks Jess, what a fantastic after school activity."
  10. "He had a FAB time! He just said : Mummy do you know what Drama club is like, it's a party you go to every week!! "
  11. " I just wanted to say a huge thank you as Tilly loves your classes (and you!!!) we think you're great and are doing a grand job- thank you so much."
  12. "She was so reserved about going and was adamant that she would just sit and watch...But with a little bit of your special magic... She stayed for the whole 2 hours and thoroughly enjoyed herself and can't wait to do it all over again. THANK YOU!!"
  13. "She would love to come again next week and after half term too if that's ok. I can't thank you enough Jess. You have a really lovely way with the children and she absolutely loved it!"
  14. "Wow!!!!!! She loved it!! Thank you so much Jess! I knew she would enjoy it but I didn't think quite this much!"
  15. "Tuesday is her favourite day of the week because of you, Jess!"
  16. "She is thoroughly enjoying your classes - I'm so glad we found you!"
  17. "I want to say thank you so much for installing so much confidence in my son, he would never have done all that if you hadn't boosted his confidence."
  18. "You are an amazing teacher, a real inspiration. The kids love you and you should be extremely proud of yourself."
  19. "Just wanted to say Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. It has been a great term and I can't wait to watch my daughter grow through future terms."
  20. "You are an awesome teacher you should be so proud. The Mini Stars performance was such a positive emotional feeling. I am so excited for her 2nd term."
  21. "Wow we all left on a high note! What an amazing performance the children put on because you offered them an opportunity to be creative."
  22. "Thursday Drama is the one place where I can truly be myself." STARS Student aged 12.
  23. "If I couldn't go to Drama anymore I'd be really upset because its embroidered into my weekly routine." 12 year old Rising Star.
  24. "I just wanted to say that the classes are Holly's highlight of the week. On Saturday she lined up her princesses as an audience and demanded we play the 'war song'. Once we had ascertained she wanted Katy Perry, she had a lovely time performing in her nightie!"
  25. "Thursday dance is my favourite time of the week because I love everyone there. Jess is the best teacher ever!" Jazzy - Stars Student - Aged 13.
  26. " I love Thursday Drama with Jess because of all the fun times we have and all the lovely people. Also Jess is the most awesome and best teacher ever!" Stars student - Aged 12
  27. "She gets so excited every week coming to Mini Stars. It's the first time she's settled in somewhere without me. So good for her confidence! Thank you - glad I signed her up."
  28. "STARS is the highlight of both my girls week - such a fun place to be!"
  29. "From when she first came to STARS, to where she is now - is all credit to you. This being her second year with you and still LOVING it!"
  30. "He loves Mini Stars so much and seeing his smiley face putting on the show is just so lovely for us to see. Thank you for making hi so happy and helping him be so confident."
  31. "I loved watching the class today. All the children had huge smiles on their faces!"